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Personal Wheelwriter 2

Award- winning choice for home, classroom or office.  Named by Buyers Laboratory as "the most outstanding compact electronic of 1990".


We have reconditioned Personal Wheelwriter 2's.  
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Highlights: Automatic Correction, Bold, Spell Check, Underline, Word Tab, Word Erase, Line Find, Relocate, 10, 12, 15 pitch and Proportional spacing.

New Personal Wheelwriter 2:




Wheelwriter 1000


Full Tech Specs

This entry level IBM Wheelwriter 1000 is the perfect choice for the business, home or classroom. With its ease of use and excellent print quality, this American-made typewriter is the top performer of its type made anywhere.


We have reconditioned Wheelwriter 1000's. 
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Highlights: Automatic Correction, Bold, Spell Check, Underline, Word Tab, Word Erase, Reprint, Stop Codes, Line Find and Relocate.

New Wheelwriter 1000:





Wheelwriter 2000


The IBM Wheelwriter 2000 is designed to complement your computer. It makes short work of forms, labels and envelopes and offers 32K of document storage.

We have reconditioned Wheelwriter 2000's.
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Highlights:  Automatic Correction, Spell check, 15 Page Document Storage, Line Find, Directory and Relocate.

New Wheelwriter 2000:




Wheelwriter 1500


Full Tech Specs

The IBM Wheelwriter 1500 has many advanced features that automate and simplify all the typing applications in today's busy office.  You can store your most used forms, letter formats and phrases for quickly processing your work.

We have reconditioned Wheelwriter 1500's. 
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Highlights:  Same as above, with Forms Completion Function, 10,000 Characters of Storage, Envelopes and Labels, Reprint Justification and Draw.

NEW:  $950.00

Wheelwriter 3000


Full Tech Specs

The IBM Wheelwriter 3000 has many advanced features including document storage and revision, forms storage, and form letter capabilities.

We have reconditioned Wheelwriter 3000's. 
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Highlights: 4k Correction Buffer, 25 Page Document Storage, Spell Check, Draw, Relocate and Programmable Top Margin.

New Wheelwriter 3000:




Wheelwriter 3500


Full Tech Specs

The IBM Wheelwriter 3500 is an advanced text editing typewriter with 30 pages of document storage.  It has a two line display.  Forms storage makes it easy to complete preprinted forms.


We have reconditioned Wheelwriter 3500's. 
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Highlights:  Spell Check with Spell Assist, 60K of Text Storage, Tab Adjust, Global Search and Replace, Format Recall, Directory and Auto Page Numbering.

New Wheelwriter 3500



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